Current project

The Challenge

Students this year will have the opportunity to build on research done by the Jacobs 2019 Makers Games team and create a Smart Fire Sprinkler system to be retro-fitted to a house. This system requires a reactive design that autonomously activates and targets water supply to particular areas of the house subject to ember attack. This design must be user-safe, durable in bush fire conditions, sustainable and comply with Australian bush fire standards.

Why types of students would be successful in this challenge?
Computer Science Engineering,
Civil & Environment Engineering
Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications,
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Useful skills or knowledge for challenge completion?
Programming/ Language (C, MATLAB, Python), CAD, 3D printing, Circuit design, IoT, Wireless communication

Learn More & Join the Team!

Students can learn more and join the Jacobs team here: https://makergames.challeng.unsw.edu.au/