Student Projects

From aerospace, to robotics, each of our Student Projects solve a real-world problem while being showcased on an international platform!

Our Student Projects are a unique approach to project-based learning and emphasise cross-disciplinary collaboration, complex project management, and innovative use of technology! When applied to multidimensional real-world challenges, these elements combine to foster the diverse skill-sets and personal attributes which ensure our graduates are set-up for success in their chosen career. 

Upon graduation, our students will have experience in practical, real-world engineering projects and are equipped with the skills and competencies to make a valuable industry impact from the onset.


As engineering students, we spend hours memorising and calculating formulas, but the ability to apply these problem-solving techniques to real life situations is something that is gained when we get into the thick of the project!” 

Aly Virani

UNSW Illuminate Vivid Project (2019)

4th Year- UNSW Electrical Engineering