Humanitarian Engineering

Humanitarian Engineering - Solutions that improve lives and livelihoods!

At UNSW Engineering, we are developing a new generation of global leaders who aim to solve the greatest challenges and engineer a sustainable world. By studying the Humanitarian Engineering Minors, you have the invaluable opportunity to apply sustainable and innovative technologies to help solve problems in disadvantaged communities, both in Australia and internationally.

These solutions may provide essential services such as food, water, shelter, energy and information where they are unavailable. In such cases, Humanitarian Engineers work to improve underlying inequalities of access and availability in the context of ‘development’ and work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Study Humanitarian Engineering

Humanitarian Engineering

ENGG4103 International Humanitarian Response Scholarship

We’re so excited to offer our new course, ENGG4103 International Humanitarian Response, in T3 2021 in partnership with RedR Australia.

Learn how you can improve the lives of disadvantaged communities and individuals that have been impacted by natural disasters or forced migration as part of your degree, and with the only Standby Partner to the UN in the southern hemisphere. RedR prepares and deploys skilled people to help communities and government agencies plan, prepare, rebuild and recover before, during and after crises and conflict.

There are also scholarships up to $2,450 to assist students with the RedR training course.

Scholarship applications now open. Apply here. Applications close at 23:59 on 30th July.

Student Testimonial

Bijil Subhash

"The programs and courses I have undertaken as part of the UNSW humanitarian engineering initiatives has been an eye-opening experience, where I was able to apply the skills I have gained from other courses in a creative manner to solve real-world problems, within Australia and overseas." 

Bijil Subhash
PhD in Chemical Engineering