Assistive Tech Hub

Assistive Tech Hub - Make a real impact!

Assistive Tech Hub is now an exciting VIP course which makes a real impact on the lives of others. Students co-design and prototype an assistive technology with a real client with a disability to improve their lifestyle.

The course has been designed to provide students with a theoretical and practical understanding of the application of biomechanics in physical rehabilitation (no prior knowledge is required).

Course Video

Course Information

Course Code: ENGG3060 (Equivalent to BIOM9XXX course or Engineering Elective*)
Course Name: Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology
Terms: T2 (3UOC) + T3 (3UOC) = 6UOC (Total course credit)
Class Details: Timetable and contact information
Overloading: If your WAM > 65 and you are in Good academic standing, you can enrol in 21UoC in either (or both) terms by applying for overloading HERE

*ENGG3060 could count as an elective in some bachelor of engineering programs, check individual specialisation rules. See dropdown; 'Where does ENGG3060 fit within my degree?'

Any questions email or talk to Student Support Services.

Student Information - UG and PG

The projects are announced and released for those who enrol in the course.

Past projects include customised rowing prostheses, modification of workshop tools for people with quadriplegia, sensorising walking frames to increase independence of older persons with low vision, squeeze gyms for children with autism, the list goes on!

Watch the Activation Hub video to explore some of the past projects!

The course content and learning outcomes for BIOM9551 – Biomechanics of Physical Rehabilitation has been migrated into course code ENGG3060. 

All elements of BIOM9551 course will be included in ENGG3060 except the course is spread across Term 2 & Term 3 (3UoC + 3UoC = 6UoC) per term enabling student time to build a robust relationship with their client and to design and build a working prototype of their rehabilitation project.

ENGG3060 will count towards an equivalent of BIOM9551 for eligible UG and PG Biomedical Students. You can no longer enrol in BIOM9551 you must enrol in ENGG3060.

Find your undergraduate research thesis topic in the Assistive Tech hub.

Several previous students have continued their project by making it their thesis topic. Your standard program thesis course codes apply. Contact your programs thesis supervisor to see if you can do your thesis with us.

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