Assistive Tech Hub

Important Update

The Maker Games course code ENGG3060 has been migrated to Assistive Tech Hub for 2021 (formerly BIOM9551 - Biomechanics of Physical Rehabilitation) as an elective for Engineering & Biomedical students who are eligible for both ENGG3060 & BIOM9551.

The 2021 UNSW Handbook has NOT been updated to reflect this.

Assistive Tech Hub - Make a real impact!

Assistive Tech Hub (ENGG3060) is an exciting course which makes a real impact on the lives of others. Students co-design and prototype an assistive technology with a real client with a disability to improve their lifestyle.

The course has been designed to provide students with a theoretical and practical understanding of the application of biomechanics in physical rehabilitation (no prior knowledge is required).

2020 Course Video

Course Information

Course Code: ENGG3060 (Equivalent to BIOM9551 or Elective)
Course Name: Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology
UoC: 6
Term: T2 (3UOC) + T3 (3UOC) = 6UOC
Class Details: Timetable and contact information

The 2021 course outline will be updated soon.

Any questions email or talk to Student Support Services.

Student Testimonial

Sarah Anastopolus

“This course has easily been the highlight of my uni experience thus far! One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that biomedical engineers are not the experts. That role belongs to the end users of the devices we design and develop. The client needs to be a part of every step of the design process from conception to completion.”

Sarah Anastopoulos - UNSW Biomedical Student


Course Convener