About The ChallENG Program

The ChallENG Program connects our students, academics and companies to exciting, real-world, project-based learning initiatives. Be immersed in the multidisciplinary learning approach that emphasises the development of technical and professional skills to thrive in your future career.  

Many of The ChallENG Projects earn academic credit (for-credit-elective) or may be eligible for Industrial Training.

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Across the fours pillars of The ChallENG Program - Vertically Integrated Projects, The Maker Games, Social Impact and Student Projects - there is a huge range of projects on offer no matter what your discipline. Think as big as a race car, as small as a microchip and everything in between! Click through to see all the incredible projects on offer.

How does The ChallENG Program work and how do I get started? Click through for all of the info that you need to join The ChallENG Program. You'll develop the skills to impress future employers and help you land your dream job!    

Whether you’re from industry big or small, a not-for-profit or government organisation, UNSW Engineering welcomes you to play a key role in helping to develop the next generation of engineers by becoming a partner in The ChallENG Program.

There's a lot happening in The ChallENG Program! From a two-day Engineering Education Festival to weekly upskilling opportunities in our Makerspaces, there are lots of opportunities for students, staff and industry to get involved. 

The ChallENG Program is a great opportunity for academic staff to connect and build robust relationships with industry partners and develop strong teams of undergraduate and postgraduate students to advance your research.