Welcome to UNSW Engineering’s ChallENG Program! 

What is The ChallENG Program?  

The ChallENG Program connects UNSW Engineering students, academics and industry to exciting, real-world, project-based learning initiatives. The program prepares students for their future careers by taking their learning experiences to the next level. Our students are exposed to a multidisciplinary learning approach that emphasises the development of technical and design skills, and expands their professional expertise.
Many of the ChallENG projects earn academic credit (for-credit-elective). 


The pillars of ChallENG

The program has pillars within its framework that students, academics and industry can engage with.

Choose your ChallENG from one of the pillars below and start to change the world! 

ChallENG yourself to work on research that changes the world

Uniting undergraduate education and academic research, enabling enriched invention and innovation on a long-term team-based research project.   

Student competitions that are a real ChallENG

Got a competitive side? Engage in student projects and work in multi-disciplinary teams with other like-minded engineers to achieve competition goals.