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VIP Snapshot

Make a meaningful impact by tackling critical water efficiency challenges in some of Australia's most remote and environmentally stressed regions. Collaborating with Indigenous-owned non-profit health organization Purple House, we are working to ensure that dialysis remains accessible in these challenging environments, despite increasing climate change pressures. As part of our team, you will support life-saving work for communities in Northern Territory, Western Australia, and South Australia by helping develop innovative water solutions and exploring alternative water sources.

Join us today to be a part of this mission that merges engineering excellence with social impact!


VIP ChallENG research goals

To find sustainable, low-cost, low-maintenance solutions that reduce water consumption for dialysis in remote communities.

In this project you will investigate  

  • Investigate alternative water sources for dialysis in remote communities including dialysate waste and rainwater 

  • Develop and optimise pre-treatment processes for alternative water sources in terms of water quantity and quality. 

  • Model treatment performance of reverse osmosis membranes for the removal of groundwater contaminants 


  • Chemical Engineering 

  • Environmental Engineering 

  • Environmental Science 

  • Mechanical Engineering 



  • Analytical skills 

  • Chemistry 

  • Interest in indigenous issues 

Team Academic Leads