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Applications for 2021 intake open 14 September 2020.

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VIP Snapshot

Is the mining industry ready for the future? Explore robotics, IoT, blockchain, VR/AR and off-earth mining to change the way we mine and direct us into a sustainable future. 


ChallENG research goals

We’ll bring mining into the future to provide the most effective and sustainable solutions by: 

  • Revolutionising automation within the mining industry through designing and building an automated insect inspiring robot
  • Designing and developing wearable AR/VR PPE
  • Designing and developing an IoT Application to conduct environment monitoring
  • Providing new and valuable insight into the mining industry by developing and designing a full digital twin of a mine
  • Designing and conducting an off-earth mining feasibility study

Desired Background

All engineering degrees are welcome, however students specialising in the below areas are encouraged to apply.

Research Areas* Majors*
  • Automation
  • Mine Internet of Things
  • AR/VR Wearables
  • Off-Earth Mining
  • Mining Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Data Visualisation