Benefits of Joining - Social Impact Projects

Why should I get involved?

When you join a Social Impact Project you have the opportunity to transform the lives of disadvantaged communities, both within and outside Australia. 

UNSW Engineering graduates have volunteered with organisations like Engineering World Health or have established their own social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations, such as Kua

Lucy Birdsey

“I was instantly drawn to the idea of the experience.  I was looking for a way to expand my perspective of engineering globally.” 


Lucy Birdsey

Engineering World Health Summer Institute Program 

3rd Year Mechatronic Engineering/English (2020)


Here are our top reasons why you should get involved:

1. Make an impact

Your involvement in a Social Impact project can change more than just your transcript. You can make an immediate impact in communities around the world by working on life changing projects in developing countries. By partnering with Non-Government Organisations in-country you can help drive social and economic development.

2. Professional and leadership development

By working on a real-life engineering problem, you will be able to practice and develop your leadership skills along the way. 

Through their involvement in Social Impact Projects, UNSW Engineering graduates have found a career working for multilateral agencies such as the World Bank, engineering consulting, and project management companies. These organisations recognise that humanitarian engineers have an enhanced set of skills to apply to all engineering work including technology development, creativity, communication, partnership engagement, and teamwork. 

3. See the world  

From working on projects in Regional New South Wales to the Sub-Saharan areas of Africa, Social Impact Projects can take you across the world. You will be fully immersed in a new culture while gaining valuable hands-on project experience. 

4. Industrial Training

To graduate from UNSW Engineering, all students must complete a minimum of 60 days of approved Industrial Training. Not only do you graduate with some real on-the-job experience, you also qualify for accreditation by Engineers Australia. Select Social Impact Projects can qualify for up to 30 days of Non-Traditional Industrial Training. For more information on Industrial Training click HERE.

5. Build a bigger, stronger network 

By joining a multidisciplinary team, working with students across all areas of engineering and international development, you develop meaningful connections that can turn into life-long friendships!

6. Upskill in our UNSW Makerspaces
Have you ever been in one of our UNSW MakerSpaces? Almost all of the projects within The ChallENG Program come to life in our Makerspace Network at UNSW Sydney! You have the opportunity to up-skill through workshop development training and digital badging credentialing. Click HERE to access the online hub of tutorials, information and classes on how to make, fabricate and create!