Welcome to The ChallENG Program!

Partner with us and build strong relationships to recruit the best and the brightest engineering students.

Whether you are from industry, big or small, a not-for-profit or government organisation, play a key role in helping to develop the next generation of engineers by becoming a partner of The ChallENG Program.

The ChallENG Program overview

There are four distinct pillars within The ChallENG  Program. Importantly the Program is scaffolded by our Women in Engineering Program. UNSW is on a mission to reduce the gender gap in the Engineering industry. 

The four pillars are:

  1. Vertically Integrated Projects: connects undergraduate students with long-term research projects   
  2. Social Impact: (Humanitarian Engineering) our students and industry partners help solve engineering solutions for communities in need
  3. The Maker Games: an exciting prototyping course where students solve an industry problem (more info below) 
  4. Student Projects: competitions that enable our students to flex their engineering skills to international audiences   

Our goal is to develop a long-lasting and robust relationship with our partners. The ChallENG program has many projects for your company to explore and become involved with.   

As an industry partner you will have access to our top students, the Women in Engineering Program and the world-class researchers who you may wish to collaborate with.

Partnership proposal

Partnership proposal

Our partnership proposal for ChallENG and Women in Engineering (PDF 280 KB) is a starting point of engagement opportunities we have on offer.

If you're keen to know more, do not hesitate to email or call the Student Opportunities Team or our Women in Engineering Manager to arrange a meeting.

We are here to help connect you with our best and brightest. 


The Maker Games

Students use their skills and creativity in this rapid prototyping competition to solve real-world challenges developed by industry. 

This course is a great opportunity to solve a problem and recruit students

More info for industrySubmit your 'Maker Games' ChallENG 

​  The Maker Games  ​