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The 2021 Mini Solar VIP team is now full.

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VIP Snapshot

Bigger isn’t always better, so we’re pushing the boundaries of solar energy to power small devices, like medical implants and IoT sensors, with a sustainable source of energy. 


VIP ChallENG research goals

This project aims to design and create millimetre-sized solar energy harvesting devices that can provide continuous power for medical implants and IoT sensors. Specifically, we plan to:  

  • Design and prototype silicon photovoltaic devices capable of charging a small lithium ion battery 
  • Design and prototype mini lithium ion battery cells that can be fabricated on a silicon wafer 
  • Demonstrate mini-solar harvesting power systems integrated with low-power electrical circuits (e.g., for implants or IoT sensors)  
  • Develop computational models of hybrid devices  
  • Identify new device designs, sensor distribution methods and applications 

Research, design or technical ChallENG

  • Design and make small silicon photovoltaic devices that can charge a mini battery and be integrated on an integrated circuit for ultra-miniaturisation
  • Design and make mini lithium ion battery cells that have a high energy density  
  • Demonstrate prototype implants or sensors 
  • Design of solar energy harvesting devices for particular operating environments (e.g., under the skin, in the field) 
  • Assess the durability of solar energy harvesting devices in diverse environments 
  • Ideation

Desired Background

All degrees are welcome however, students specialising in the below areas are encouraged to apply.

Desired Research Areas Desired Skills
  • Silicon photovoltaics 
  • Thin-film miniature batteries 
  • Low-power circuits and wireless transmitters 
  • Biomedical implant design 
  • Device modelling 
  • Low power IoT systems 
  • Electrical circuit design
  • Device encapsulation 


  • Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications
  • Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy  
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Physics 
  • Medicine  
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering 


Team Academic Lead