Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) are unique project-based learning courses where UNSW students can apply what they have learnt in their degrees to a real-world research project. VIP's will be ongoing long-term projects where students will have the potential to stay on for multiple years.

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We welcome UNSW all undergraduate students from their second and beyond who have completed ENGG1000 for 2021 to apply for a VIP team.  

Engineering Students: all undergraduate engineering students are welcome to apply to join a VIP team. ENGG2600ENGG3600  and ENGG4600 are discipline elective courses.

Medical Students: only students who are in 3rd or 4th year (Independent Learning Project - for 4th years) in 2021 can apply for a VIP team. Medical students will enrol in VIP as General Education Electives course codes ENGG2600ENGG3600 ENGG4600  

Students from other Faculties: are welcome to apply to join a VIP team and use course codes ENGG2600ENGG3600 or ENGG4600 as a General Education Elective. 

Engineering Postgraduate Students: only Masters of Engineering Science (program 8338 only) students can apply to join a VIP team with approval from their engineering schools postgraduate coursework coordinator. Engineering school contacts

Masters of Engineering (program 8621) and Masters of Information Technology (program 8543) cannot participate in VIP

We encourage Engineering UG students to save their first-year elective for their second or third years to enable students to have enough discipline elective space in their degree allowing them the opportunity to participate in the VIP Program.

ONLY Masters of Engineering Science (program 8338) can apply to participate in The Vertically Integrated Project Course ENGG4600 with approval from their engineering schools postgraduate coursework coordinator. 

Masters of Engineering (program 8621) and Masters of Information Technology (program 8543) cannot participate in the Vertically Integrated Projects Program. 

Students must have adequate academic performance to be accepted into VIP courses. As part of the application process to join a VIP team a students WAM will be taken into consideration before being accepted into the program.

Engineering: School Academic Programs  contacts click here

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The VIP course codes are: ENGG2600, ENGG3600 and ENGG4600 each are worth 6 UoC. They are assessment-based and are elective courses for Engineering students and General Education for non-engineering students. 

The courses run across three consecutive terms: T1, T2 and T3 (2 UoC per Term) which enables students to extend their project-based learning experience beyond a single semester. Students can enrol to 20 UoC per term without having to apply for overload approval. 

Students must have adequate academic performance to be accepted into VIP Courses

VIP is available to undergraduate students from second year who have completed the following UoC by T1 2020: 

NOTE: Medical students - only students who are entering third and fourth year from the beginning of 2021 can apply for VIP courses as General Education electives   

Engineering students must have completed the below Units of Credit from the start of 2021 to be eligible to apply for the VIP Program

Second-year - ENGG2600 = 42UoC

Third-year - ENGG3600 = 72UoC

Fourth-year - ENGG4600 = 114UoC 

For more information on how it works for students click here

Visits the UNSW handbook for more course details: (note the handbook is not updated with the correct minimum UoC for each course) 

Vertically Integrated Projects in one of four pillars that sits under The ChallENG Program framework. 

The other pillars of The ChallENG Program are:

We list all the Vertically Integrated Projects HERE


No VIP does not count as Industrial Training. 


Courses ENGG2600, ENGG3600 and ENGG4600 run across three consecutive terms. These courses are ongoing long-term projects that run for a  minimum of three years. Some of the projects may continue for many years. 

UNSW expects students to spend a minimum of 150 hours to complete a 6 UOC course like VIP. You will have at least 1 contact hour per week of team meetings with your lead academic. It is suggested to use at least 4 hours per week devoted to collaborative working time, professional development workshops, assessments, and working on your assigned deliverables.

Remember the courses are assessment based..NO EXAMS!

If a student wishes, they can overload to 20 UoC per term   

For more information on how it works for students click here 

Visits the UNSW handbook for more course details:





VIP is a single continuous project that runs within a single calendar year (T1-T3), and students correspondingly enrol into a 2UoC VIP course in all three terms to match that. Projects are self-contained within a particular year so to make all the organisation and commitments that support them easier to manage.

The census date for VIP is not the same as those published for other courses. The census date for it is the Sunday at the end of week 1 in Term 2. If you find that you need to withdraw from VIP after the census date for T1 but before Week 1 in Term 2 please email for assistance as you will not be able to unenroll from it on your own.

If you do not complete all three terms of enrolment in VIP (i.e. 3x2UoC) you will not be awarded any credit. If you had an EC grade for the first one or two terms and then do not complete the final term(s) the EC grade(s) will be changed to FL (Fail) instead. If you are considering dropping VIP mid-year please talk to us before taking any action.

Each term of enrolment in VIP is worth 2UoC. If you are completing 18UoC of other courses in the same term(s) as well as VIP you will be taking 20UoC. For students in Faculty of Engineering degrees the maximum UoC you can take before having to apply for overload is set at 20UoC rather than 18UoC. This means that you can take VIP courses without having to ask for approval to overload.

For students from other Faculties who want to enrol in a VIP course and overload, you may have to apply for permission from your Faculty Program Authority via this form:  

The VIP Courses are a unique offering that enables students to gain experience by contributing to a project that is led by a Faculty of Engineering academic researcher, and that may also involve a third-party industry partner. Students will collaborate in a team with other students, the academic researcher, and, where relevant, the third-party industry partner to generate ideas and solutions.

In some projects, the work undertaken may give rise to intellectual property that is suitable for commercialisation. For those projects, it will be a condition of enrolling in the Course that students assign the intellectual property they create in the course of the project to UNSW prior to commencing the VIP project because the IP generated could:

  • relate to, or be a component of, a larger project that is led by the academic researcher, which might also involve a third-party industry partner;
  • draw on, or be based on, the background IP that is owned by the academic researcher, UNSW, and/or the third-party industry partner;
  • involve, or be co-created by, other students, UNSW staff, or third-party industry partner staff;
  • utilise, or rely on, confidential and/or private data and/or information; or
  • benefit from, or be enabled by, funding, equipment, facilities, and/or expertise provided by UNSW and/or the third-party industry partner.

As such it will be a condition that students who accept a position in the VIP program will be required to sign and have witnessed a Student VIP deed-poll. This document as a hard copy will need to be given to the VIP lead academic at the start of the VIP course. 

More IP FAQ's and the VIP deed-poll form can be found HERE

If you have any questions on this subject please discuss them with the VIP academic.

Generally, VIP requires students to be present to participate with their team, so exchange and VIP are incompatible.

NOTE: Your VIP project academic and the VIP Academic Director may approve distance study under special circumstances for a single Term.

UNSW charges tuition fees on a unit of credit (UOC) basis by individual units of study in a course. You will be charged 2 UOC in each term for each of the VIP courses.

VIP courses are weighted the same as other Engineering courses are for Honours calculations (2x for Level 2, 3x for Level 3, and 4x for Level 4)

As VIP involves face to face teaching it is not recommended for distance study (online).

NOTE: Your VIP project academic and the VIP Academic Director may approve distance study under special circumstances for a single Term.

Prior to COVID-19 a showcase event was planned, Week 11 Term 3 for all students and academics who participate in VIP program. We are hoping to run this at the end of 2021.

For students in the 2020 VIP program, this has been converted to a video competition. Please discuss with your VIP academic if you want to participate. 


Application and Team Formation

  1. Select a Vertically Integrated Project here
  2. Click on the 'Apply Now' on your selected project - you will need to login with your email
  3. After applying, students will be invited by the VIP Projects lead academic to meet and discuss joining the team. This is an opportunity for students to ask questions about the project
  4. Students will then receive confirmation if they have been accepted into the team
  5. Once accepted into the VIP team the student will be notified when they can enrol into the course. Remember students MUST enrol in all three Terms. (Please note this will take about a week to process after you have been made an offer to join the team)   

No, all project team members will go through the same application process and be chosen by the supervising academic team. 

Yes, if you have electives available, you are welcome to reapply to your VIP team and continue working on the project for the remainder of your degree. Alternatively, you can apply for another project within the VIP Program.

Course Credit

You must complete your course and satisfy all assessment requirements as set out by the course coordinator to receive full course credit.

Partial credits will not be given.

VIP is a multi-term course where students must complete all three parts; partial enrolment in just one or two terms is not possible. To stop students from ending up partially enrolled the course requires approval to drop. If you need to unenroll from VIP please contact us and we will process this for you: Email:

Depending on the circumstances we may also be able to offer another solution instead that allows you to continue your enrolment in the course.

Yes, you will receive a numerical mark and grade on your transcript upon successful completion of your course. 

Students are given assessment tasks each term. At the end of terms 1 and 2, if they are completing assessments and are on track to pass, the grade for VIP in those terms will be listed as EC, which stands for Enrolment Continuing. This does not have a mark but counts as a pass in terms of academic standing.

At the end of term 3 after all assessments are completed a final mark is calculated and added to the VIP course in Term 3. The enrolments in Term 1 and 2 are also updated with the final mark as well (the EC grade will remain). Overall the whole 6 UoC has a mark and counts towards your WAM.

The Vertically Integrated Projects Program has been approved by all UNSW Engineering Schools as a for-credit elective.  All students wanting to join a VIP team will need to 'Apply' for their chosen project. If you are accepted into a VIP Project,  the ChallENG team will liaise with your School Program Authority and inform you on how the VIP course will count towards your Engineering degree.

Yes, it does count towards your honours WAM.

View VIP Projects Here 

Students are given class permissions for all three terms and must enrol and remain enrolled in all three terms in order to successfully complete VIP and be awarded with 6 UoC – students who drop one or more terms or do not pass all three terms will receive no credit all.

If you need to apply for special consideration you should do the same as you would for any other UNSW course. If your application for special consideration is approved the nature of the substitute assessment or extension will depend on the project you are enrolled in.