Prof. Sami Kara

UNSW Vertically Integrated Projects Program Director

Sami Kara is a Professor at the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, and Director of UNSW’s Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP).

Sami is the founder and academic-in-charge of the Sustainable Manufacturing & Life Cycle Engineering Research Group and the Co-Director of the Joint German-Australian Research Group on Sustainable Manufacturing.

Since joining UNSW in 2001, with a long track record in industry, he has been involved in various administration roles in the School and the Faculty, while maintaining a very high standard of teaching and research.   

Sami’s passion and commitment for teaching and supervision has been recognised by the Vice-Chancellor, receiving three awards for his teaching.

Sami is an elected fellow of the Royal Society of New South Wales and the International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP).