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A WiFi device communicates with an access point within the signal range. Access points are installed at fixed locations, but a WiFi device is a piece of mobile equipment, so its location is unknown and changing. We can find out the location of a WiFi device by finding the access point which is associated to this device. This is the simplest tracking. This kind of WiFi device is not for communication, but for localization only so is in the simplest structure of a WiFi device. This device is called a tracking tag or just tag. A tracking tag can be mounted on a vehicle for vehicle tracking, attached to an object for asset tracking or worn by a person for personnel tracking. This tag is worn on the wrist of a person to be tracked, so it is called Wrist Tag. In addition to tracking, it may also include other functions such as panic call – press the button on the Wrist Tag to call the control centre, and broadcasting – sending signal to all Wrist Tags which flashes indicator on the tag. 

What types of students would be successful in this challenge?
Computer Science Engineering,
Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications,
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Mining & Renewable Energy

Useful skills or knowledge for challenge completion?
Programming/ Language (C, MATLAB, Python), CAD, 3D printing, Circuit design, IoT, Wireless communication

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