Redback Racing

Current project

Project Snapshot

Design. Build. RACE.

Apply your coursework by designing and manufacturing a full-sized racing car! Compete with the team in Formula SAE – the largest student engineering design competition in the world! 

About ChallENG Student Project

The Redback Racing team competes in Formula SAE/Formula Student competitions, which are designed to improve the quality of engineering graduates through practical experience. Students are challenged to apply the knowledge from their studies to the design, manufacture and testing of a full-sized racing car. 

Formula SAE/Formula Student is the largest student engineering design competition in the world - every year, over 500 teams from multiple continents competing to win events around the world. Redback Racing competes against other leading universities from countries all over the world and placed 4th overall in the Formula SAE-A Competition (IC Class), 2018. 

Who we are looking for 

  • Passionate students who are keen to learn and apply themselves in high-pressure, time-sensitive environments and challenges

  • Students from all years and disciplines including but not limited to Engineering, Commerce (Marketing, Management), Media (PR and Advertising, Photography, Videography) and Event Planning

  • Recruitment periods at the beginning of each term during the university year 

Why you should join

  • You’ll feel a great sense of achievement! Redback Racing designs, builds and races new vehicles every year, so students develop their work from a blank page to the racetrack 
  • Practical experience - build soft and technical skills in a supportive environment. An opportunity to test out your innovative ideas, while learning about concepts spanning multiple industries 
  • A great addition to your CV! Potential employers are very impressed by involvement in the competition, and many Redback Racers are now employed by major global companies 
  • Lifelong friendships and connections. The Redback Racing team is a happy, hardworking family and the Formula SAE culture fosters a close collegiate atmosphere across teams from many universities 
  • New skills and knowledge in: engineering design and manufacturing methods; race engineering fundamentals; vehicle suspension design; engine and drive-train design; aerodynamic component design and CFD; electronics and control system design; software design; project management; event management; financial management; internal and external communications; marketing content creation and much more 

Team Academic Advisor

Team Lead

“I joined Redback Racing with no understanding at all about race cars but was drawn by the intense hands on experience I had hoped to gain.

I could not imagine how that desire would transform into an opportunity to engage with such a large-scale engineering project and has taken my learning at UNSW to another level.”

Ellen Pam, Team Leader of Redback Racing- 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering