Current project

The Challenge

Pearler is a social network for personal finance, with an early focus on allowing customers to easily and regularly invest in listed equities (i.e. stock market). The challenge is to assist in building a news feed / timeline (think Facebook timeline) to form the core feature of the social network. The news feed can be best understood to be similar to a LinkedIn news feed, except instead of the topics relating to professional matters, job updates, job offers, it will be focused around personal finance. This would include topics such as updates on how people are going with their finances (e.g. “Sally saved 10% more this month than the previous month. Would you like to congratulate her?”).
This task would potentially consist of the following areas of work:
• Planning UX and UI components through design work
• Building backend services with NodeJS
• Building frontend pages with Javascript, HTML, CSS, ReactJS
• Finding more broad mathematical and network theory solutions to build the mechanics of how the data is aggregated and distributed between users (more theoretical)
You would be working closely with the current development team to complete this task.

What types of students would be successful in this challenge?
Computer Science Engineering 
Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications

Useful skills or knowledge for challenge completion?
Programming/ Language (C, MATLAB, Python), Data Analytics, UX Design, AI

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