NextGEN Energy Storage

Current project

Important note

NextGEN Energy Storage is only accepting thesis students for 2023.
Standard thesis course codes apply. 

VIP Snapshot

Be part of the future energy solution! Energy is the driving force for all life on our precious planet.  A sustainable and clean energy future depends on our ability to efficiently store large amounts of energy.  


VIP ChallENG research goals

We are developing new battery designs and materials to provide the most effective solutions and improvements. 

The research includes:

  • Computational modelling and validation of new energy systems
  • Thermal modelling of various high-performance battery technologies
  • Investigation of performance enhancing and stabilizing agents  
  • Developing new, high-power density flow batteries  
  • Designing and developing high-temperature, high-power liquid metal battery cells 
  • Optimising and producing high-energy density storage materials 
  • Designing and production of high-performance electrolysis and gas recombination cells  
  • Optimising systems for hybrid fuel cells, liquid metal and flow batteries 
  • Material selection and fabrication techniques to improve system performance

Research Areas:

  • Redox flow batteries  
  • Hybrid fuel cells  
  • Liquid metal batteries  
  • Electrolyte production and stability  
  • Cell and stack design  
  • System-level design  
  • Computational hydraulic and electrochemical modelling  
  • Microgrid simulations  
  • Mechanical Engineering  
  • Chemical Engineering  
  • Computational Modelling  
  • Electrochemistry  
  • Mathematics  
  • CAD  
  • Rapid Prototyping  
  • Additive Manufacturing  
  • Business 

2020 VIP Consortium Innovation Competition - Project Video

NextGEN Energy Storage

The global climate crisis threatens the world as we know it! Providing the missing link between renewables and delivering reliable energy on demand, “NextGEN is creating the energy storage solutions of the future”. Their goal is to create the next generation of batteries which are adaptable, sustainable and store energy for long periods of time!