Impact Engineers - Walgett Project

Current project

Project Snapshot

The Walgett project aims to deliver water security to a community garden in Walgett, Regional NSW. Installing wicking beds allows for garden maintenance in the drought-stricken region. Establishing the garden is important for creating a community space, and producing vegetable boxes for the people most in need.

About ChallENG Social Impact Project

We are a group of students from a variety of different backgrounds, coming together to work towards making a positive change to society. Our goal is to empower communities in need with the skills and assets to develop and sustain a better quality of life. A by-product of our efforts is a platform whereby future students will be involved in the innovation and management of humanitarian engineering projects.

The Impact Engineers Walgett Project is a great opportunity to take the knowledge you learn in the classroom and apply them into real-life Engineering applications.

The Yuwaya Ngarra-li Healthy Nutrition and Hydration Program will be a major focus for Yuwaya Ngarra-li and Impact Engineers moving forward over the next few years. The first phase is focused on specific activities to improve the productivity and resilience of the WAMS Community Garden, including rehabilitating existing beds to enable water-efficient, drought-tolerant year-round rotational planting of leaf, legume and salad crops and fruit trees. 

Who we are looking for 

  • Students passionate about Indigenous progress and equality

  • Students willing to work hard in a team environment 

  • Students seeking to apply their learnt engineering to a social impact project

  • We’re seeking to recruit students for future involvement in T3 2020

Why you should join

  • Impact Engineers offers students the opportunity to get involved in a variety of humanitarian engineering experiences and activities
  • From working with leading research groups at UNSW developing culturally appropriate technology to implementing a development program directly with the local community
  • Impact Engineers is an amazing way to gain hands-on practical experience within a multi-disciplinary team

"Working alongside fellow Impact Engineers to see social, drought-resistant progress in the heart of Walgett’s community has been foundational in my experience as an Engineering Student. It has shaped the way I view engineering to include the virtues of local partnership and diversity of knowledge in addressing social and engineering issues. "

Jasper Smith, Team Leader - Impact Engineers 
3rd Year - Chemical Engineering

Team Academic Advisor