Ignite Referee #2

Current project

The Challenge

In the market, other referee radio communication solutions exist, but they are either WAY beyond the price point of an amateur referee, their software adopts a flawed approach to networking, or their user experience is so bad that it negates any perceived benefits of their use. The current EJEAS Referee Bluetooth Intercom pairing procedure requires a more complex process than we would like and isn’t streamlined enough for any application where referees are required to officiate multiple matches in a single session, each with different individuals.

We challenge students to design and create a better and more streamlined user experience for the pairing process while developing multiple devices to pair and operate within each other's range without disruptions. 

What types of students would be successful in this challenge?
Computer Science & Engineering
Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Useful skills or knowledge for challenge completion?
Programming/ Language (C, MATLAB, Python), Data Analytics, UX Design, CAD, 3D printing, Circuit design, AI, AR/VR, Wireless communication

Learn More & Join the Team!

Students can learn more and join the Ignite Refereeing team here: https://makergames.challeng.unsw.edu.au/