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Project Snapshot

Flight Labs UNSW (FLU) is a Student Project whose mission is to become a global leader in the design and development of aerial robotics, while also creating career elevating industry opportunities for its students. 

FLU Team

About ChallENG Student Project

Flight Labs UNSW(FLU) is a team of engineering students working to develop the software, mechanical, aeronautics, and electronics to improve aerial robotics. This includes developing aircrafts for competitions and research projects. These projects provide students with hands-on project management experience and aim to bridge the gap between education and industry by providing technical workshops to teach students the knowledge base around aerial robotics.

In 2020, FLU will be building three competition vehicles: 'WREN' v2 as the main aircraft, 'Kite' v1 as the relay aircraft, and 'Little Penguin' v1 which will be used as the ground vehicle for both aircrafts. 

The FLU team will be competing in the Association For Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition held in Maryland, USA in June followed by the UAV Outback Challenge Medical Rescue in Dalby, Queensland, Australia in September. 


Who we are looking for 

Flight Labs UNSW is looking for people who have an interest in building autonomous flying robots. They welcome students from all disciplines and years. If you’re interested and are willing to learn, they invite you to apply to join the team! 

Why you should join

  • You can get your hands dirty playing with cool equipment and technology and learn how to use them  
  • Make a difference in the UAV industry in Australia and Internationally 
  • Challenge yourself by working on a team that's competing in the world’s hardest autonomous aerial robotics competitions  
  • Learn new skills that you can take with you into the workforce

Team Academic Advisor


"To come across the UNSW Rocketry Team and Flight Labs UNSW was the perfect opportunity for me to apply myself in fields that I was passionate about- aerospace and making. Not only was I able to learn in a way that felt effortless, but I was also able to share the experience with like-minded team members."

Muhammad Iklil Arfin, AIAA Rocketry Team Manager and Flight Labs UNSW member - 3rd Year Aerospace Engineering and Commerce (2019)