EWH Surgical Lamp Design Team

Current project

Project Snapshot

This project aims to develop an affordable battery-powered surgical lamp to prevent surgeons from relying on flashlights during power outages. Having both adequate and power-outage proof lighting is important for safely conducting surgical procedures in developing countries.

EWH Lamp Team

About ChallENG Social Impact Project

Being a part of the EWH Surgical Lamp Design Team is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience designing and manufacturing a real-world project. As a member, you will further develop your skills in CAD, metalworking, and electrical assembly - just to name a few!

Our UNSW Engineering World Health Chapter was awarded first prize in the 2016 annual Engineering World Health International Design Competition for the first iteration of the Uninterruptible Surgical Lamp design. We hope to further improve the design and quality of healthcare in developing countries.

Who we are looking for 

  • Students with a passion for making an impact and interest in healthcare or humanitarian engineering 
  • Proactive and motivated students with skills in mechanical and electrical manufacturing

Why you should join

  • Make an immediate and tangible impact on communities which need it the most 
  • Work with a team of passionate and like-minded engineering students
  • Gain practical hands-on experience designing, prototyping and manufacturing 
Keny Wong

"Being part of the Surgical Lamp Team has been a great opportunity to make friends, learn new skills and leave a global impact. I’ve been lucky enough to work on the Surgical Lamp project with a super supportive team. I love that we can all learn from each other, have fun and create a solution to a current world health issue.”

Kenny Wong, Team Member
 4th Year Mechatronics and Masters of Biomedical Engineering