Drought Resistance Uganda (DRU)

Current project

Project Snapshot

DRU works with the Love Mercy Foundation and northern Ugandan communities to foster sustainable development through drought-resilient agriculture. DRU adds value through research and the development of human-centred designs based on water supply reliability, water demand reduction and weather data analysis.   


About ChallENG Social Impact Project

We are an enthusiastic bunch of ethically sourced UNSW students, working in partnership with the Love Mercy Foundation (LMF) to improve agricultural drought resistance in Uganda.

For the past 9 years, LMF have encouraged financial security and empowerment for over 13,800 women through the micro seed loan scheme ‘Cents for Seeds’. However, in recent years, Ugandan communities have been subject to prolonged droughts, causing widespread crop failure, financial instability and a cascade of negative effects. With issues of water scarcity and unpredictable rainfall patterns on the rise, DRU are working collaboratively with LMF staff, Ugandan farmers and other stakeholders to develop appropriate and sustainable options for encouraging drought-resistant agriculture. 

Who we are looking for 

Students who are:

  • Proactive
  • Motivated
  • Team oriented
  • Invested in humanitarian works

Why you should join

  • Projects like DRU offer students the opportunity to get involved in a variety of humanitarian engineering initiatives 
  • Have the opportunity to travel internationally and create real-world impact for communities in Uganda
  • Working on projects like DRU is an amazing way to gain hands-on practical experience within a multi-disciplinary team


“Being part of the DRU team has been a perfect opportunity to put my humanitarian engineering skills, knowledge and passion into practice. Working closely with Ugandan women and communities, Love Mercy and the team has provided a transformative experience and challenged by professional and personal development. Through these experiences I have learnt the importance of sustainable and collaborative design and experienced the rich Ugandan culture.”

Fiona Li, DRU Core Member
5th Year Environmental and Civil Engineering