Competitive Robotics

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Project Snapshot

Do you love robots? Enjoy building mechanical and electrical objects or code? If this sounds like you, maybe you should join the Competitive Robotics Group! It’s one of the best performing student groups in Australia, holding performance records internationally.  

Competitive Robotics

About ChallENG Student Project

The Competitive Robotics Group are a cross-disciplinary student team who develop autonomous ground and aerial vehicles for research and global competition purposes.   

 Competitive Robotics Group:  

Who we are looking for 

  • Students interest in building autonomous robots  
  • The Team welcomes students from all disciplines and years with the ability to either design and build mechanical or electrical objects or code

Why you should join

Get the chance to:  

  • Build robots and pit them against national and international teams both interstate and overseas  
  • Learn how to use cool equipment and loads of different sensors  
  • Challenge yourself and learn a variety of new skills  
  • Work with people from a variety of engineering backgrounds (just like you will in your future career)  
  • Apply robotics theory to real-life practical challenges