Current project

The Challenge

Over time, the data centre industry has defaulted to using 19” Server racks and data centre designs and cooling methods have been tailored to accommodate these racks. We believe there is significant room for innovation and a challenging your team to develop a data hall design that removes the need for server racks. This design should include:

- Data Hall Layout

- Server Design & Housing

- Cooling Strategy and Design

We are interested in a solution where all three of these designs are solved simultaneously with a focus on maximizing the MW capacity per square metre of a single data hall. We are also interested in a sustainable, carbon-neutral design.


What types of students would be successful in this challenge?

Computer Science Engineering
Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering 
Art & Design

Useful skills or knowledge for challenge completion?

CAD, 3D printing, Circuit design, IoT, Wireless communication

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