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Students will apply a first principles engineering approach to design and build a complex RC Aircraft from the ground up and compete against the top Universities around the world.

Design, Build and Fly

About ChallENG Student Project

The AIAA UNSW Design Build Fly team was formed in late 2018 to compete in the annual AIAA Design Build Fly Competition in the United States. Variations in technical requirements provide an opportunity to create a multi-purpose aircraft each year. Members are recruited at the commencement of Trimester 2 to conduct focused optimisations on the DBF Aircraft and VTOL development in preparation for the competition which runs from Trimester 3 to Trimester 1.

  • The AIAA DBF Student Project team is looking for students who are passionate about Aeronautics and are keen utilise classroom knowledge to solve complex real world engineering problems.
  • Open to all undergraduate students in mechanical, aerospace, electrical and software engineering disciplines.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge to a highly focused and practical project
  • Effectively operate within a multi-disciplinary team
  • Expand your network and develop life-long friendships
  • Opportunities for student to connect with the Aeronautical and Aerospace Industry

Strict conditions apply in order to receive Non-Traditional Industrial training for Student Projects and requires approval from the team academic. Being a member of a Student Project does not guarantee that you will receive a non-traditional IT placement and should not be the only motivating factor for joining a team. See Student Information for more information.

Team Academic Advisor