Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) are unique project-based learning opportunities where UNSW Engineering students can apply what they have learnt in their degrees to a real-world engineering research project. These will be ongoing long-term projects where students will have the potential to stay on for multiple years.

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The ChallENG Program is the overarching framework connecting students, academics and companies via four project-based learning initiatives. VIP is one of these initiatives.  

The VIP course codes are: ENGG2600, ENGG3600 and ENGG4600 each are worth 6 UoC. They are assessment-based and are elective courses. The courses run across three consecutive terms in 2020: T1,2 and 3 (2 UoC per Term) which enables students to extend their project-based learning experience beyond a single semester. If a student wishes, they can overload to 20 UoC per term. 

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Visits the UNSW handbook for more course details:

Yes absolutely! All the students, academics, industry and alumni who participate in The ChallENG Program will be invited to the Engineering Education Festival at the end of every year. All the ChallENG projects will be on display, and it will be an excellent networking opportunity for companies to recruit the very best students and engage with UNSW’s innovative academics. 

Many of the projects run as an assessment based for-credit-elective or may be eligible for Industrial Training. Each project will be marked on the project brief showing if the project offers academic credit or Industrial Training - View the projects listing here. 

More info on earning academic credit or Industrial Training can be found here.

Courses ENGG2600, ENGG3600 and ENGG4600 run across three consecutive terms. These courses are ongoing long-term projects that run for a  minimum of three years. Some of the projects may continue for many years.  

The workload will be significantly reduced compared to a normal 6 UoC course run over a 10-week term due to the workload being spread out across three terms. 

The 6 UoC is equivalent to 150 contact hours but this will be spread across the three Terms in 2020. 

Remember the courses are assessment based..NO EXAMS!

If a student wishes, they can overload to 20 UoC per term. 

For more information on how it works for students click here 

Visits the UNSW handbook for more course details:





Application and Team Formation

We welcome undergraduate UNSW Engineering students in their second year and above to apply for a VIP team.  

Masters students who have completed 18 UoC at UNSW and have School consent are welcome to apply for a VIP team.

As these are elective courses, we encourage students to save their first-year elective for their second or third years. 

Request a Progression Check Here to make sure you have an elective available to apply for a VIP team.

View VIP Projects Here | Apply for a VIP team here

  1. Select a Vertically Integrated Project here
  2. Click on the 'Apply Now' on your selected project - you will need to login with your email
  3. After applying, students will be invited by the VIP Projects lead academic to meet and discuss joining the team. This is an opportunity for students to ask questions about the project and how the team will function
  4. Students will then receive written confirmation if they have been accepted into the team
  5. Student Services will be notified the student has been accepted into a VIP team and Student Services will enrol the student into the relevant elective course that relates to the students year of study
  6. In November 2019, when the selected VIP team is formed there will be an info session. This will be an opportunity for students to meet their team-mates and receive more information about the VIP Program  before it starts in Term 1, 2020 

Yes! Vertically Integrated Projects are open to Masters students who have completed at least 18 UoC at UNSW and have School consent.

No, all project team members will go through the same application process and be chosen by the supervising academic team.

Yes, if you have electives available, you are welcome to reapply to your VIP team and continue working on the project for the remainder of your degree. Alternatively, you can apply for another project within the ChallENG Program.

Course Credit

You must complete your course and satisfy all assessment requirements as set out by the course coordinator to receive full course credit.

Partial credits will not be given.

Yes, you will receive a numerical mark and grade on your transcript upon successful completion of your course.

The Vertically Integrated Projects Program has been approved by all UNSW Engineering Schools as a for-credit elective.  All students wanting to join a VIP team will need to 'Apply' for their chosen project. If you are accepted into a VIP Project,  the ChallENG team will liaise with your School Program Authority and inform you on how the VIP course will count towards your Engineering degree.

Yes, it does count towards your honours WAM.

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