Student projects are competitions where UNSW Engineering students will work in multi-disciplinary teams to achieve competition goals. Added benefits include academic partnership, access to leading technologies and enhanced learning experiences. 

These will be ongoing long-term projects where students will have the potential to stay on for multiple years.  

ChallENG is the overarching framework connecting students, academics and companies via 5 project-based learning initiatives. Student Projects are just one these amazing initiatives!

View a full list of all available student projects here.

Student involvement will now be recognised, and students are able to earn academic credit or industrial training for work contributed to these projects.  

Yes absolutely! All the students, academics, industry and alumni who participate in the ChallENG Program will be invited to the ChallENG Engineering Education Festival at the end of every year. All the ChallENG projects will be on display and it will be an excellent networking opportunity for companies to recruit the very best students and engage with UNSW amazing innovative academics.   

Application and Team Formation

Undergraduate UNSW Engineering students in second year and above who have completed 42 units of credit are welcome to apply for these projects. Students must have a good academic standing to apply. 

Need advice on mapping your degree to participate in the ChallENG Program? Click here 

After applying students will be invited by the Project's Academic Lead and Project Team Leader to meet and discuss joining the team. This is an opportunity for students to ask questions about the project and how the team will function.  Students will then receive written confirmation if they have been accepted into the team. 

Unfortunately, this is only available for undergraduate students 2nd year and above. 

Yes, all students will now need to reapply for the Student Project team each year. 

If you want to join a Student Project team, please Apply here. 

Team members for Student Projects will be chosen by the Academic Supervisor and Lead Student Project Manager for the team.

Industrial Training

All of the Student Projects with the ChallENG Program can count towards Non-Traditional Industrial Training.  Strict conditions apply in order to receive non-traditional industrial training for Student Projects. Being a member of a Student Project does not guarantee that you will receive a non-traditional IT placement and should not be the only motivating factor for joining a team.

Non-Traditional Industrial Training Placements can be awarded a maximum of 30 days. Depending on your role within the project and the tasks associated with the role, your Academic Supervisor can work with you to develop the SMART goals and issue either 15 days or 30 days of Non-Traditional Industrial Training. Please note that your role within the project team should be at least 6 months or equivalent to two consecutive academic terms.

If you are working on two different student projects that are pre-authorized by the Faculty of Engineering and both are 15 days, then you can go through the normal procedures and have two different Academic Supervisors; this would be counted as two placements. You cannot receive more than 30 days of Non-Traditional Industrial Training placement and it is important to note that a maximum of three placements can be counted towards your total 60 days of Industrial Training experience. Therefore, in this case, you would then have one placement left to do your remaining 30 days of Traditional Industrial Training.

Resources and Support

Projects within The ChallENG Program will have access to the Makerspaces on campus. To gain access to these spaces you will need to earn your safety access badges. For more information click here.

If you are a project within the ChallENG Program, you may have access to project storage on campus from your Academic Supervisor or designated school. Project storage space is limited on campus, but we will do our best to accommodate.

The UNSW Finance Policy applies to all projects and funding from The ChallENG Program is determined after the project has been approved. Please note that funds are not given directly to students, they remain within a UNSW Faculty Project account.

Yes, if you are affiliated with The ChallENG Program you will need to use the appropriative UNSW Sydney Logo Branding and ChallENG Project Pillar Branding when promoting your project.