Project summary

UNSW Engineering is measuring the impact and exposure of poor air quality in Fiji and Solomon Islands, in partnership with local government and universities for future intervention.

Measuring Air Quality

Project outcomes

Poor air quality and increased respiratory illness, especially in children under five years, is of increasing concern in Pacific Island Countries. 

The burden of airborne pollution on human health and well-being in the Pacific is being investigated by UNSW Engineering in partnership with the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Fiji National University, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Oxford

Measuring air quality and air pollutant exposure in the Pacific is being undertaken in partnership with government to determine air pollutant levels, composition and sources. Ministry staff in the Solomon Islands and at Fiji National University had received training at UNSW and maintain the equipment in Hiniara and Suva.  

Over the next few years there will be opportunities for UNSW Engineering students to be involved in this project through New Columbo Plan Mobility funding for the Solomon Islands.