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The ChallENG Program is a great opportunity for our academic staff to engage with highly motivated students in projects that matter. Connect and build robust relationships with industry partners that align with their research. It is also a pipeline for academics to mentor and guide students to continue their studies into postgraduate education.

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The Vertically Integrated Projects Program (VIP) aims to revolutionise undergraduate education by uniting undergraduate and postgraduate students with academics’ cutting-edge research in multidisciplinary teams. Each VIP forms a long-term (three-plus years) multidisciplinary team of students from second year onwards.

The long-term nature of the projects provides students with the opportunity to grow as a team and makes substantial contributions to your research.

Various Student Projects and Social Impact teams from the ChallENG Program will function as a Vertically Integrated Project.

For example, in 2020, the SunSwift Solar Car Team will operate as a VIP team that will be led by Associate Lecturer Daniel Eggler from Mechanical Engineering. Daniel will use this opportunity to build his research in automotive engineering. He will be able to leverage engaged students and other academics across electrical, photovoltaics and computer science and engineering, who are in the VIP program to enhance his research.

Project Contact:

Professor Sami Kara
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Are you passionate about educating the next generation of engineers? Then become an academic mentor for The Maker Games.

The Maker Games is an engineering industry design and prototyping challenge. Students work in multidisciplinary teams of four to six to solve a challenge put forward by industry.

As an academic mentor for The Maker Games, you will have the opportunity to work with amazing students and build connections with industry that you may be able to leverage for your research.

“My observation has been that the Maker Games changes the way you think and see yourself as an engineer: you begin as a group of students, and you finish as a tightly-knit, capable and entrepreneurial team ready to deploy a compelling solution to a significant real problem.”

- Professor Julien Epps
Head of School, Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications


Project Contact:

Kevin Duquette
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Other Advantages of Joining the ChallENG Program

Academics who join The ChallENG Program will be well supported by the UNSW Engineering Student Opportunities Team who will work with academics on operational and project management requirements. The ChallENG Program teams are supported by our VIP Academic Director, Prof Sami Kara and our Academic Director for Student Projects and Social Impact, A/Prof Lauren Kark. Technical and HSE support is also provided via the Makerspaces network that is led by Melinda Wimborne. See The ChallENG Program Team

Benefits at a Glance

  • Receive academic, technical and operational support for your project team
  • Build a team of passionate students who will make tangible and sustainable contributions to your research or project
  • Connect and engage with industry for your project or area of research
  • Build networks with other academics across the Faculty that will enhance your project or research
  • Cultivate a culture of leadership and mentoring:
    • The long-term, sustainable nature of The ChallENG Program creates a mentoring environment, where academics and higher-level students mentor and recruit younger team members to ensure there is a strong succession plan for your team     
    • In addition to research tasks, all students contribute to their team’s knowledge-bank creating references and training materials that allow new team members to quickly get up to speed and become productive, regardless of experience level
    • Joining a project within The ChallENG Program helps students gain experience in team and project management, allowing them to become great researchers and great leaders

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