The ChallENG Pillars

ChallENG yourself to work on research that changes the world 

Curious about research? Immerse yourself in a unique project-based research opportunity where you can apply what you have learnt in your degree to real-world engineering research challenges. Experience innovation in action in a multi-disciplinary team with other like-minded engineers and gain highly sought after technical and professional skills that you can apply to your future engineering career.

Work with industry to solve their ChallENG 

Up for a ChallENG? Experience an exclusive, prototyping competition where you can work with other students to solve real world challenges currently faced by industry. Develop your skills in design thinking and product development by bringing an innovative solution to life through a working prototype.

Student competitions that are a real ChallENG 

Got a competitive side? Engage in Student Projects and work in multi-disciplinary teams with other engineers to achieve competition goals. Experience the added benefits of academic partnership, access to leading technologies, enhanced learning experiences, and the opportunity to develop career networks - plus make lifelong friends!

Help solve a ChallENG for a community in need 

Through Social Impact you can help people and communities in need. While giving back, you will also experience the added benefits of working with social enterprises and non-profit organisations, and be able to engage in amazing cultural immersion opportunities. 

Join a team

The ChallENG Projects connect our students from different years and disciplines to work on exciting, real-world, project-based learning initiatives.  

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How it works

Who can I get involved? Can I earn academic credit? What are the course codes? ...

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